Who’s Behind the Lens?

It’s hard to come out from behind the camera. I figured it was time, and thankfully Netasha of Ruffolo Photography came to my rescue. Thank you Netasha!

So here we go, an official introduction. I’m Jan Bezzo, and I’m the owner and photographer behind Shadow Dog Photography. As a pet photographer I create photographic art of your beloved animals so you can enjoy those memories forever. 

It’s all About the Animals!

I am a photographer that specializes in pets. That’s it, just pets. And sometimes their people too. I work with clients to fully understand their visions, allowing me to create custom and unique images. Every pet means something different to every person. Knowing this, my goal is to make that connection and provide photographic artwork that makes people smile. A lot.

I’ve been around animals my entire life. Because of this, smelling like horses or being covered in cat and dog hair has always been normal (isn’t it??) for me. Spending days and nights at the show barn, often missing out on a whole lot of sleep. Dogs and cats have always been a part of my life, both at home and everywhere I went. Nowadays my family shares our home with two German Shepherds, a leopard gecko, a milk snake, and six fish. Photography has always been my way of capturing those candid moments, and I still love looking back at pets that have long since left me.

For several years now I have worked closely with shelters and rescue organizations. Taking a photo of a homeless dog or cat was a natural fit for me. Taking a photo that told each animal’s story, that connected the viewer to that animal—that became my passion. I know the power of a compelling photo, and every homeless animal deserves to have one. It’s their chance for a forever home, and I love helping make this happen. Capturing the image that makes you feel like that animal is looking deep into your soul, that’s what it’s all about for me.

The connection between you and your pets is incredibly special. 

Now’s the time to get some professional photos of these family members, don’t you think?

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