Southeast Wisconsin

Celebrating  Pets with Distinctive Art for your Home

Capturing memories of our fine animal companions.

We love our pets, they love us. But they’re never with us long enough. It’s time to create original, keepsake artwork you’ll have forever.

Framed Print of German Shepherd Dog in Home Entryway

Stella says the process is quite easy!

Book Your Session

Once your date is booked, we decide on a location that best suits your vision. In the woods? By the lake? In a grassy meadow? You and your pets are going to have a great time, so relax and get ready to have some fun!

Ordering Appointment

Now for the exciting part! You choose your favorite images and we help you decide on the best products for you to enjoy your art. There will be beautiful samples for you to see and touch, to help you decide.

Love Your Products!

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Your art is ready for you to enjoy and to share. Let the joy and smiles begin!

Let's create beautiful art you will have forever.

Framed Print of Black French Bulldog above Couch Shadow Dog Photography

Shadow Dog Photography caters to those looking for premier pet portraits. Serving all of Southeast Wisconsin and surrounding area.
Dog Photos Shadow Dog Photography

"I Can't Take Photos of my Dog!"

Sound familiar? Let me help. Grab my free guide to learn key tips and techniques to take great photos of your furry best friend. 

Good for you! Before you know it you'll be taking fabulous photos of your furry best friend. You'll see an email shortly, and if you don't please be sure to check your other folders.