Investing in your Memories

Photo opportunities come and go. You probably have many pictures of your pet on your phone, and you may even scroll through them now and then. But these pictures eventually become lost or forgotten, and may never be seen again.  

It’s time to preserve those memories in a way you can enjoy every day! This is why it’s so important to get some incredible and meaningful images printed, and placed on display where they can be seen and enjoyed. Beautiful wall art, an album, or other photographic artwork gives you this opportunity. The connection between you and your pet will shine through in your final products, and will bring you much joy and happiness! To help you plan your Shadow Dog Photography experience, I have created an investment guide. 

Framed Prints of Yorkie Terrier Shadow Dog Photography


Portrait sessions are fully personalized for each client, and no two sessions are completely alike. The style of photographs will largely be determined by the type of artwork each client prefers. 

YOUR SESSION FEE BECOMES A 100% FULL PRODUCT CREDIT at your ordering appointment. This means your product credit will be applied toward your final, ordered artwork.  Below is a description of two available Shadow Dog Photography sessions:

Custom Session 

This is the session for you if you want to have a fully custom experience. We’ll have an in-depth planning consultation, and this is when we’ll discuss the date of your session as well as your preferred location based on my recommendations. Our conversation will help me better understand any ideas or visions you may have for your final images, I’ll learn all about your furry best friend, his personality and temperament, and I can answer any questions you may have.

This consultation allows me to outline every step of the Shadow Dog experience, from that first conversation, all the way through to you holding your final artwork in your hands. Below is a summary of what is included in the Custom Session.

$400 session fee, which includes:

• planning consultation 

• custom date & location

• 90-minute session

• in-person ordering appointment to view final proofs and order artwork

• $400 product credit

Petite Session

Periodically throughout the year I will offer Petite Sessions. These will be on specific dates, and will be available at a predetermined location. Petite sessions will be shorter than a fully custom session, but the same beautiful products will be offered during the ordering appointment. Other than the predetermined date, time, and location, you’ll be treated to the same incredible Shadow Dog experience. Below is a summary of what’s included in the Petite Session.

$100 session fee, which includes:

• planning consultation

• preset date & time

• 30-minute session

• in-person ordering appointment to view final proofs and order artwork

• $100 product credit



Your pet is an important member of your family. You deserve to have artwork that shows his true character and personality, with images that you truly connect with. Images that make you smile every day. 

Wall Art

It’s time to decorate with photos that are close to your heart. Wall art, created with images from a Shadow Dog Photography session, is what most clients choose to invest in. There are a variety of styles to suit your taste, starting at $450.

Framed Canvas Shadow Dog Photography

Gorgeous Framed Canvas



Framed Print of Husky Shadow Dog Photography

Custom Framed Print


Two Puppies on Canvas Shadow Dog Photography

Beautiful Canvas, Carefully Stretched onto a Frame


If you can’t decide which images to choose, or you just want to have them all, an album is for you! This is a beautiful way to tell your pet’s story. These albums have thick, luxurious pages and are custom designed. Starting at $1,900.

Dog on Cover of Photo Album Shadow Dog Photography

When there’s no wall space, an album is a perfect solution.


Dog in Photo Album Shadow Dog Photography

The center seam doesn’t interfere with a full spread image, in this lay-flat album.


Album blocks, photo shelves, and more. These are perfect for small spaces or as gifts, and these products start at $400.

Print of a dog on a wood base

The album block holds ten 5×7 fine art prints. This is a client favorite for the office.


Three prints of small white dogs

Photo Shelves hold three 6×6 metal prints. Buy the whole set once, then when you’re ready for a change, buy a set of three new, replacement metal prints.


Final Thoughts

Your Shadow Dog experience promises to be fun and adventurous for both you and your pet. The session will be easy and stress-free, and I’ll help you through your decisions at your ordering appointment. My mission is to provide you with gorgeous, meaningful artwork for your home. This helps you to celebrate your love for your furry family member and the connection you share. You deserve to have images to enjoy every day, especially when your favorite animal has passed on and is no longer with you.

If you’re wondering how I can help you preserve memories of your pet, contact me here. I can’t wait to help you celebrate your furry best friend.