"Jan has been photographing my dogs for the past two years, and every time she has taken my breath away with her work." — Dee W.

About the Process

Shadow Dog Photography focuses on the entire experience. This experience is completely customized to you, the client, so I want to fully understand your needs and vision. From our first conversation, to you finally holding your beautiful products in your hands, you will be involved in the entire process. It’s important that you know what to expect.   


Let’s Chat:

What’s the first step? A great conversation of course! I want to get to know you and your pet, and you probably have lots of questions for me about Shadow Dog Photography. I’ll also want to learn how you plan to display your art. Canvas or metal wall art, framed prints, albums, there are some beautiful options. We’ll also discuss the entire process, and we’ll book dates for your portrait session and ordering appointment. Some families have multiple pets, and that’s great too! You may have an aging pet and don’t feel like she has much time. Don’t worry, I work hard to meet these special requests. Every client is unique, and that’s why I fully customize your entire experience.  So let’s get started!

Three Framed Prints of a Dog in a Home Entryway


Book Your Session:

We’ll decide on a date that best suits your needs. Are you looking for a fresh, spring session? Hoping for those golden autumn hues? How about the fresh crisp snow? The beautiful thing about Wisconsin is the full selection of seasons to choose from! In order to reserve this date, your session fee must be paid in full, so don’t wait to call. I want to be sure you get the best date possible.

Old English Sheepdog Shadow Dog Photography



ChooseYour Location:

Once your date is booked we need to find you the best location! This is why our initial conversation is so important. I want to really get to know what you envision for your final artwork. Do you see your pet or pets out in the woods? Perhaps you prefer a more urban feel. Some clients would rather a grassy meadow or big, open field. So I need to understand what YOU want. I have some great ideas, so let’s share our thoughts!

Welsh Terrier Shadow Dog Photography



“My Dog Can’t Be Off Leash”:

It’s time for your Shadow Dog Adventure, so get ready to have some fun! I know, I know, you’re worried that your dog is too rambunctious and won’t stand still for any photos. Don’t you worry, this happens all the time. I’m patient—really patient. And I’m fast. When those wild ones least expect it, I’ve captured the image I’m looking for, and usually clients don’t even know! They’re still fretting about the dog’s obedience. Rest assured, I will get what I need to fulfill your vision (and mine). Are you worried because your pet cannot be off leash? Worry no more, most pets are leashed. I’ll work my magic when I edit the images, nobody will ever know! Look below, those two dogs were both on a leash. Variety is the spice of life, so we’ll move around to various areas at the chosen location. Although the session usually runs approximately two hours, I’ll work until I’m satisfied that I have captured what I’m looking for.

German Shepherd Dogs Shadow Dog Photography


Creating Your Photographic Artwork:    

Now this is the exciting part! We’ll meet on the scheduled date so you can see your images and choose your favorites. You’ll see samples of the beautiful products I offer, just in case you’re still struggling to decide how to display your photos. I’ll help guide you through the entire selection process so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Once your order is paid in full I will send your order to my lab. Depending on the products you choose, your products will be ready in 2-3 weeks. This is why it is important to pay for your order at this appointment, to avoid any delays.

Framed Print of Belgian Malinois over Fireplace from Shadow Dog Photography


Love Your Products:

Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Your gorgeous art is ready for you to hold in your hands. Take it home where it will make you smile—over and over again.